VLN 3 : hard conditions for Falken Motorsport 911 GT3

After two cancelled races, 3rd VLN Championship race was this week-end.


Christophe Lambert, LC2Race data engineer for Falken Motorsport had a difficult race week-end, in spite of nice team performances.


911 GT3 Falken Motorsport VLN3

911 GT3 Falken Motorsport VLN3

Weather was one more time so bad… fog, and temperature surrounded 0°C (till -4°C during race!!) did not prevent the 911 GT3 to reach the 3rd rank on qualifications.


Some race facts drove the 911 GT3 to the 11th rank, then they mounted slick tires, they ran around 10s. faster than the rest of the competitors, went straight to the top group of the race!


But an oil leak deposed on track by an other racer decided to end the 911 GT3 race by a crash in the wall at two laps of the end…


Definitely hard race, but also reassuring to the team efficiency.


Next step : Nurburgring 24h !

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